Circulation Project

Circulation Project Rehearsal 1: Jessie Laurita-Spanglet & Candace Scarborough
Circulation Project Rehearsal 1: Jessie Laurita-Spanglet & Candace Scarborough

I am thrilled to begin the first iteration of the Circulation Project (CP) with Jessie Laurita-Spanglet and Candace Scarborough through the Dance Exchange Local Artist Residency! I plan to create additional iterations with performers in Cleveland and Pittsburgh where I have previously lived and worked professionally and continue collaborations with area artists. This work is an experiment with open source material and experiencing how different casts in various places interpret or develop the original trio and the ways in which movement information might evolve based on personal histories and identities, place, and perspective. Performers involved in the project will be invited to use the source material to create their own works with other performers in other settings; participants in the performers iterations will be invited to do the same. The three original works will act as a launching point for additional iterations of the project.

Cast members will consider ideas related to habit, bringing what exists at the margins to the center, and reactivating neglected spaces. This experiment with collective generation and open source material is my way of overtly co-owning choreographed movement with performers through the intentional use of derivation and iteration. These ideas and explorations will offer webs of connection between each cast, yet choreographed products will reflect their varied experiences.

Rehearsal 1 | 2.4.15
Collective thoughts that emerged from initial conversations, writing, and movement explorations:

  • reactivating abandoned/marginalized spaces; once space is reactivated/made visible again how can we maintain visibility?; process of raw-purpose-activated-abandoned-reinhabited-re-activated-seeing anew-forgotten or remembered?
  • weightedness of performance product vs. richness of process; why is performance a thing?
  • habits; habit of being connected via social media; acts of searching and posting-why?
  • identity; perceived vs. actual; ‘crabs in a basket’ mentality; selective sight; masking to meet expectations
  • mystery/personal wonder; humor; considering ways we are or are not intimately connected over time and space; intersections; assertiveness; new platforms

On the radar, thank you Michael J. Morris

Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof do it again!

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Rehearsal 2 | 2.6.15
From Maree
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From Candace
Playing with rhythm

From Jessie
Clowning “yes game” learned from UMD Theatre professor Leslie Felbain

Rehearsal 3 | 2.11.15
Clowning “yes game”
Ridiculous Opera
Rhythm Variations and Phrases
Return to Precious Phrases

Thinking about bringing what is at the margins to the center, or what is potentially at the edge of consciousness into consciousness. Making what is sometimes less visible to us more visible or bringing new intentions into focus.

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Rehearsal conversations about place: DMV area, transience, sense of in between-ness, politics, structure, decriminalization, training histories – ballet, modern, jazz, Trisha Brown, cheerleading, ‘contemporary’, Gaga, House

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Eva Hesse “Right After” (1969)

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