CMD No. 1

CMDNo. 1 Dance Place New Releases Choreographers Showcase June 2015 photo @jonathanhsu92
CMD No. 1
Dance Place New Releases Choreographers Showcase
June 2015
photo @jonathanhsu92

This work was created in collaboration with Hyun David, Candace Scarborough, and Morgan Wallace for the Dance Place New Releases Choreographer Showcase. It is the first project the four of us embarked on together. I felt compelled by them as individuals and movers and their collective chemistry I experienced as their teacher in Gaga classes. CMD No. 1 began with our sharing of what currently interests us in performance works. Our material was generated through conversation, textural explorations, ways of seeing, and verbal prompts and impulse response. Together, we created an unfolding journey filled with off-kilter virtuosity, animalistic tendencies, and meditative moments. Meet the performers in a realm existing in between.

In development, we played with an adapted version of Bebe Miller’s teaching of ‘catching’ or moving within the quality of another person and using this sharing of movement as a jumping off point for developing material. After creating our own phrase material, we taught it to each other and each individual adapted the phrase material in mash-up style. I would offer sensory or textural improvisational prompts and allow the dancers to follow this information; I facilitated a version of moving while using Pauline Koner’s Area Focus, where the dancers play with a range of seeing close to the body and far from the body, then  layering clear or fuzzy focus and allowing this to affect the movement material.

Artists and performances that activate my collaborators:
Hofesh Shechter
Scottish Dance Theatre
Some videos shared by Hyun David:

In the news during our process:
Baltimore Enlists National Guard and a Curfew to Fight Riots and Looting
by Sheryl Gay Stolberg, NY Times

*Special thank Dance Loft on 14 & Morton Street Dance Center for in-kind donation of rehearsal space.