A Letter Compiled from All Letters

A Letter Compiled From All Letters (work-in-progress)
Kelly Strayhorn Theater Fresh Works Residency Showing
December 1, 2017

During November 2017, my collaborators and I are beginning the project A Letter Compiled from All Letters through Kelly Strayhorn Theater’s Fresh Works creative residency program. The residency provides artists with space to research, explore and play, as well as offering production support to develop and present new works-in-progress.

Dance artist, Maree ReMalia (PA), lens-based visual artist, Gigi Gatewood (NY), and performer Lillian Cho (DC) collaborate to create a new, multidisciplinary project. The artists merge live performance and video works incorporating movement, sound, text, and storytelling. In this pilot phase, they work with Pittsburgh-based artists David Bernabo, Moriah Ella Mason, and Jil Stifel to include stories from letters contributed by individuals from the local community and beyond. Linking people across time and location through letter writing and today’s technological tools, the artists shed light on what can not be said in a text or a tweet by asking contributors to recall significant moments and untold stories from their lives. The stories weave their way into live movement scenes and video projection; they are collapsed together, excerpted, told by new voices, developed like a call and response, or used to generate movement, mood, or scene. By including a range of voices, the artists aim to bring varied forms of narrative to the body and use video imagery to magnify what is meaningful about our experiences.

Concept by
Maree ReMalia, Gigi Gatewood, and Lillian Cho

Directed by Maree ReMalia
Movement created by Maree ReMalia in collaboration with the performers
Performed by David Bernabo, Lillian Cho, Gigi Gatewood, Moriah Ella Mason, Maree ReMalia, Jil Stifel, and ShaQjuan Tyler
Videography and Set Design by Gigi Gatewood and David Bernabo
Sound by David Bernabo
Production Manager Shane Richardson
Lighting Matt Washil
Video Documentation Stefano Ceccarelli + Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Anders Johnson
Video Editing Gigi Gatewood
Letter Contributions by Ann, Anna, Candace, Courtney, Dee, Donnie, Heather, Huirong, Jim, Lorenzo, Lynn, Michael, Pam, PinLing, Rachel, Taylor, Will
Special Thank you Kelly Strayhorn Theater/The Alloy Studios Staff and Production Team, Siena College, letter contributors, cast and collaborators, Burch Fisher, Cathy and Robert Gatewood, Anders Johnson, Michael J. Morris, Lola Sadai, ShaQjuan Tyler, Point Park University Modern III, VII, VIII students.


photo Maranie Rae + Kelly Strayhorn Theater