Premiere November 18-22, 2015
Daegu International Duet Dance Festival, Dreaming Theater
Created and performed by Maree ReMalia in collaboration with HyunJung Lee

is a collage of a duet exploring the bittersweet beauty in becoming and persevering and grappling with life’s exquisite challenges, both personal and communal. Hyunjung Lee and Maree ReMalia embark on the creation of their second collaborative work between South Korea and the United States asking questions and sharing stories, resources, and movement relating to belonging, joy, suffering, violence, ritual, well-being, death, and hope. Where do our personal needs and growth meet the broader scope of the world’s ever-present conflict and revolution? Where do ceremony or ritual show up in our lives and potentially offer ways of acknowledging, coping, and celebrating?

Special thank you Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Movement Matters Residency, Middlebury College Dance Program and Faculty Professional Development Fund for support of this project.

Process Materials:

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 5.01.13 PM
In rehearsal at Keimyung University, November 2015


Rehearsal Daegu, South Korea Life Path Sketches
Rehearsal Daegu, South Korea
Life Path Sketches

Discussions about the ways birthdays, weddings, funerals can be similar and distinct as well as our experiences related to these kinds of events. Associated words: ceremony, ritual, acknowledgement, celebration, connection, boundness, unknown, possibility, communal, passage.

“The Streets of Paris are as Familiar to Me as the Streets of Beirut”
by Joey Ayoub, Global Voices

Reuters November 2015
November 2015

A Prayer from Jay Ruby

Bon Jour Ville de Lumiere
Voici mon Priere
Good Morning City of Light
Here is my Prayer

May everyone wounded, injured or killed be remembered with grace
May all those suffering in the loss of a presence they loved find the tears they need to mourn
May the confusion and anger that arises be recognized
May all who begin to recoil with rage in the shock of terror be softened by the reflection of their own intentions, words and actions in the hearts of others

Because in my prayer for Paris I want to call out the demons that create this madness, I want to understand them as the frailty and ignorance of our own humanity.
Because in my prayer for Paris I am not looking to blame or villify, I am looking for the humility to recognize what we all participate in every day. I am trying to understand this inferno as a collective creation of our ignorance, mine, yours, his, hers, theirs….ours.

In my prayer for Paris I don’t see Red, White and Blue lighting up the night sky without seeing the flags of colonialism in Africa, America and Asia. I don’t see the blood of one night’s victims of pre planned aggression and rage without seeing the the trauma that informs intelligence to carefully craft and execute a strategy of revenge
In my prayer for Paris grief is not commodified into justification for a shock and awe display of playground bullying of might makes right and being right makes one mightier.

My prayer for Paris is a prayer for Beirut, a prayer for Madrid, a prayer for Damascus, a prayer for New York, a prayer for Bagdad, a prayer for London, a prayer for Gaza, a prayer for Jerusalem a prayer for all the cities of the world and the candles that seek to bring light to them. It is not a prayer to demonize and rationalize actions of hate against one’s percieved enemies. It is a prayer to bless and hold our enemies with love. It is a prayer to listen. A prayer to hear the grievances, a prayer to disect the conflicts. It is a prayer to recognize that there is no evil, only stories that have not been told. It is a prayer to listen so deeply to the stories that have not been told that seeds of revenge planted by decades if not centuries if not millenia of pain dissolve with compassionate attention and the twisted actions of hate buried and waiting to emerge in my heart, your heart, his heart, her heart, their heart, our hearts unwind.

In my prayer for Paris the myths of religion are asked to be silent. My prayer for Paris is not wed to any preconcieved god. In this prayer the 72 black eyed virgins are asked to stop whoring for Jesus Christ’s military industrial complex and the markets bottom line stops getting a boner with every tragedy that can increase the profits of Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Boeing. The makers of bombs and drones who turn fear into an industry of righteous revenge must cease their making in my prayer. In my prayer for Paris the lost children and destroyed families of Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bosnia are not villified for surviving on rage…. a rage not unlike our own. In my prayer for Paris their rage is sweetened with care and love. In my prayer for Paris all the destroyed cities of the world are rebuilt by the money that profited in their destruction. In my prayer for Paris no one is left voiceless, no one is left hungry, no one is left without care, no one must live alone trapped in their story of hatred. My prayer for Paris is prepared for ridicule because it recognizes the ridiculousness of rage rooted in trauma cultivated by ignorance fueled by hatred and continued by greed.

My prayer for Paris asks us all to stop participating in this cycle, it asks for a complete reevaluation of how we think, talk and act
of how we buy and how we sell each other
of how we walk and breathe
of how we eat and shit
of how we fight and love
of how we pray
My prayer for Paris is for everyone enemy, friend, lover, ally. Me, you, she, he, it, they, we…

Bon Jour Ville de Lumiere
Voici mon Priere
Good Morning City of Light
Here is my Prayer.

“How Balck Students at Mizzou are Coping with This Week’s Threats”
by Adrian Florido, NPR


Traditional Korean Funeral Attire
Traditional Korean Funeral Attire

“Avant Garde 1920’s Costumes Reemerge, Revealing Their Makers Tragic Story”
by Allison Meier, Hyperallergic

9/29/15 Rehearsal

Rehearsal for Video Share with Hyun
Rehearsal for Video Share with Hyun


Faye Driscoll’s You’re Me

Notes from Hyun

Notes from Hyun 9/14/15

A Conversation with Hei Kyong Kim, Author of The Translation of Han
The Land of Gazillion Adoptees Magazine

Toward Belonging
Choreographed by Michael J. Morris

4 LGBT Issues to Focus on Now that We Have Gay Marriage
by Annamarya Scaccia, Rolling Stone

by Alok Vaid-Menon, RETURN THE GAYZE

Supreme Court Declares Same-Sex Marriage Legal in All 50 States
by Bill Chappel, The Two-Way NPR

Nine Killed in Shooting at Black Church in Charleston

Daily Mail College of Charleston Arena
Daily Mail
College of Charleston Arena
Phoenix News Times Vigil
Phoenix News Times

After Charleston, Black Churches Targeted by Arsonists Across the South

by Bryce Covert, Think Progress