Gaga Resources

Going Gaga for Ohad Naharin

Batsheva’s Dance Will Literally Drive you Gaga

Ohad Naharin – Going Gaga is the Difference Between Dancer and Gymnast

That’s Dr. Gaga to You, Sir!

NY Times “Twisting Body and Mind”

Dance in Israel “Going Gaga:  My Intro to Gaga Dance Classes”

Dance in Israel “Gaga:  A Foreigner Explores Ohad Naharin’s Movement Langauge”

Dance Magazine “A Conversation with Ohad”

The Brooklyn Rail “Give Me Gaga”

Dance Beat “Living in a Green World”

NY Times “Dancing a Hora All His Own” 

InForm Alumni Magazine “Quake and Shake”

The Austin Chronicle “Going Gaga for Sensation-Based Movement”

Dance Informa ” Postcards from Tel Aviv:  One Dancer’s Pilgrimmage to 2013 Gaga Summer Intensive”

Batsheva’s Ohad Naharin Talks to JPost About ‘Gaga’, Boycott, Mirrors, & His Philosophy

The Jewish Theatre Presents Ohad Naharin’s Gaga

Ohad Naharin Speaks About Gaga

Ohad Naharin Teaches Gaga in Nobel Prize Auditorium

Gaga Training and Groove at Batsheva Ensemble

About Gaga

Ohad Naharin brings Gaga to New York’s Peridance Capezio Center

Lunchtime Illumination Conversation with Nicole Krauss and Ohad Naharin (2012)

80 Faces | Ohad Naharin ADF Lifetime Award Acceptance Speech

Out of Focus by Tomer Heymann (about Gaga)

Official Website for the Gaga Movement Language

Official Website for Batsheva Dance Company

Dance in Israel


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