Maree facilitates movement experiences to celebrate a range of bodies and expressions by welcoming individuals across disciplines, identities, and experience levels to dance. She works in professional, academic, conservatory, and community settings. To create various access points, her approach is playful and deliberate and draws from her eclectic background with the Gaga movement language; somatic and improvisational methods from dance and theater; compositional and choreographic tools that support collaboration; sound; writing; and visual art. Through the integration of these practices, she invites participants into processes self-discovery and building community, as well as cultivating strength, flexibility, and stamina. Maree is a certified Gaga instructor and earned her MFA from The Ohio State University. Read more about the methods from which she draws here.

Examples of teaching, classes, workshops, courses, residencies:

Contact Maree to teach a master class, class series, workshop, academic course, be a guest artist, participate in a residency, or propose an atypical collaboration: maree@merrygogo.com