A Letter Compiled From All Letters (2019)
June 13-15, 2019 | New Hazlett Theater premiere
November 16, 2018 | Amherst College Theatre and Dance Department WIP showing
June 10, 2018 | PearlArts Studios PDMR WIP showing
December 1, 2017 | Kelly Strayhorn Theater Fresh Works Residency WIP showing

New Hazlett Theater, photo by Renee Rosensteel

Shedding (2019)
June 9, 2019 | pearlPRESENTS Dance Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
Presented by: PearlArts Studios | STAYCEE PEARL dance project & Soy Sos

Photo Credit: Kitoko Chargois

February 21-24, 2019 | Point Park University GRW Performance Studio

photo by Katie Ging Photography

Back Issue IV
June 4, 2017 | La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, NY, NY
May 13, 2017 | Awaken: A Spring Salon Featuring New Dance Works, Middlebury, VT

Back Issue IV_129_Photo_TCS_LaMaMaMoves_Jun17_MareeReMalia_byScottShaw
photo by Scott Shaw

Movement Matters: Two Years in Process
April 20, 2017
Mahaney Center for the Arts, Middlebury, VT

photo Colin C. Boyd

I Never Know When Things Are Ending
April 6, 2017
Mahaney Center for the Arts Faculty Dance Concert, Middlebury, VT

photo by Colin C. Boyd

The Ubiquitous Mass of Us
March 17-18, 2017
March 18-19, 2014
Mahaney Center for the Arts Performing Arts Series, Middlebury, VT

Looking Out/Seeing In
April 13, 2016
Warner Hall Greenhouse, Middlebury, VT

Looking In Seeing Out_photoShannonBohler_IMG_5677
photo by Shannon Bohler

March 18-19, 2016 | Middlebury College Dance Faculty Showcase, Middlebury, VT
April 30, 2016 | DanceFest Vermont, Castleton, VT

photo by Gigi Gatewood

Roots of Movement
October 28, 2016
Middlebury College Organic Farm | Middlebury College Mahaney Center for the Arts

photo by Alan Kimara Dixon

Between Two Meanings
December 4-5, 2015 | Middlebury College Dance Fall Concert, Middlebury, VT
November 12-14, 2015 | Vermont College Dance Festival, Middlebury, VT

photo by Alan Kimara Dixon

January 7, 2017 | APAP Tracks Invited Showing, Gibney Dance, New York, NY
November 30, 2016 | LightLab Performance Series, Wood Street Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
November 18, 2016 | BlakTinx Performance Series, BAAD!, Bronx, NY
November 18-22, 2015 | Daegu International Dance Duet Festival, Daegu, South Korea

CMD No. 1
June 20, 2015 | Dance Place New Choreographer’s Showcase, Washington, D.C.
May 1, 2015 | First Fridays Clarice Center for Performing Arts, College Park, MD

Circulation Project 
May 28, 2015 | Spring Salon at Dance Exchange, Takoma Park, MD
May 8, 2015 | KST newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
March 19, 2015 |Dance Exchange Local Artist in Residence Series, Takoma Park , MD

Multiple Bodies Project
June 6, 2015 | Three Rivers Arts Festival, Trust Arts Education Center, Pittsburgh, PA
March 1, 2015 | CKM&A Dance & Dessert Series, American Dance Institute, Rockville, MD

now is now
June 6, 2015 | Three Rivers Arts Festival, Trust Arts Education Center, Pittsburgh, PA
December 17-20, 2014 | Gibney Dance DoublePlus Festival, New York, NY

February 8, 2013 | PearlArts Studios Artists-in-Residence Showcase, Pittsburgh, PA
Collaboration with Korean movement artist, Hyunjung Lee

July 31, 2014 | Summer Portraits, The Pasáž, Tel Aviv, Israel
Collaboration with Korean movement artist, Hyunjung Lee

Photo by Elad Goldman

September 25, 2013 | Daegu International Dance Festival
Daegu Culture and Arts Center, Daegu, South Korea
Collaboration with Hyunjung Lee and James Graham


slants revisited/take away the mountain

August 25, 2013 | the CURRENT SESSIONS, The Wild Project, NY, NY
May 11, 2013 | KST Hear/Now Series, The Alloy Studios, Pittsburgh, PA
Collaboration with interdisciplinary artist, David Bernabo


slants revisited for 1 
April 5, 2013
Spring Offering, Granite Performing Arts Center, Prescott College, Prescott, AZ
Picture 7

slants remix

March 22, 2013
SpringUp Dance Festival, Lipkin Theater, Lehigh Valley, PA

photo by Bill Hebert

2011 | The Palace, Tel Aviv, Israel
Collaborations with participants from the Gaga Teacher Training Program

Still from video by Omer Nevo

nearly them
March 28, 2011
Movement Research at the Judson Church, New York, NY

all the little things that are nearly them
April 15-17, 2011
Sullivant Theater, Columbus, OH

Part 1

Part 2

Penetrating and Permeating in Pile Up
May 3, 2010
Pile Up, Sullivant Hall, Columbus, OH

May 3, 2010
Pile Up, Sullivant Hall, Columbus, OH

Within a Formal Circumstance (2010)
March 4-6, 2010
OSU Dance Winter Concert, Sullivant Theater, Columbus, OH

photo by Melissa Bontempo

Here/Proclamation in–60 dances in 60 minutes
October 3, 2009
Music Diana Simpson and Ben Boone
60×60, Wall Street Night Club, Columbus, OH


etmoiettoietmoiettoietmoiettoi (2009)
May 15, 2009
SIP, Sullivant Hall, Columbus, OH

Lead Ocean (2009)
February 2009
OSU Dance Winter Concert, Sullivant Theater, Columbus, OH



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