Lida Winfield’s Imaginary (2018)

photo Colin C. Boyd

Jil Stifel’s Over and (2018)

photo by David Cherry

Gabriel Forestieri’s Breathe (2017)

Katie Martin’s non-events both uniform and singular (2016)
Middlebury College Faculty Dance Concert, Middlebury, VT

Blaine Siegel and Jil Stifel’s Objects for Dance (2014)
Practice Gallery, Philadelphia

Staycee Pearl dance project work-in-progress, Playground (2014)
The Alloy Studios, Pgh

Staycee Pearl dance project House Party (2013)
PearlArts Studios, Pgh

David Bernabo/Host Skull A Man’s Woman is a Lovesome Thing (2013)

Photo by David Bernabo

Ricardo Iamuuri and Alisha Wormsley:  Imperial Sugar (2013)

For more info:

Gaga Teacher Training Closing Performance (2012)

Photo by Nadav Neeman

Noa Zuk’s Boxerman (2010)
Sullivant Theater, Columbus
Performers:  Mara Penrose, Dante Brown, Maree ReMalia

photo by Melissa Bontempo

Ohad Naharin’s Echad Mi Yodea, set by Noa Zuk (2010)
Sullivant Theater, Columbus

Photo by Melissa Bontempo

Bebe Miller’s How to Remember (2010)
Riffe Center, Columbus

John Giffins Manimal House (2009)
Sullivant Theater, Columbus

Read Michael J. Morris’s review of Resident and Visting Artist Faculty Showcase here.

Ming Shen Ku’s Still Time (2009)
Riffe Center, Columbus

Performers:  Jessica Boone and Maree ReMalia
photo by Stephanie Matthews

Lily Skove’s MFA Project:  Simple Shape (2010)
Sullivant Theater, Columbus

Michael J. Morris’s untitled (things change suddenly) (2008)
Sullivant Hall, Columbus
Performers:  Ale Jara, Teoma Naccarato, Maree ReMalia

Teoma Naccarato’s The Meeting Place (2008)
Wexner Center, Columbus
Performers:  Michael J. Morris and Maree ReMalia

Sarah Morrison’s Sinews (2008)
Cleveland Public Theatre’s Dance Works Series
Performers:  Maree ReMalia and Kalindi Stockton
This piece was intended to be an exploration of the spine.


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